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Here is a report of the Devonian from David Thompson

Another long weekend, started very early Friday morning as Dave Thompson and John Rule travelled to Southall to meet up with the previous crew from the trip to Canterbury.

After thanking the crew who then went home, set about preparing the engine with Dave Wright for the Friday move to Bristol.

No problems with the engine and van move ,but pushed for time we had left little time for cleaning, at least the motion gleamed.

Joining us at Bristol were Tom Tighe, John Street, Geoff Morris, Charlie Barber and Craig Stinchcome who would fire on the outward run Saturday Morning, Dave Wright on the shovel on the return.

Banter being exchanged with the crew of Tornado as they prepared for their run to Carmarthen on Saturday.

A lovely sunny day and what a sight as 70013 passed 60163 both with their support coaches at the north end of Bristol Temple Meads station, where lots of photographers filled all the platform ends.

Unfortunately we were not able to manage a photo ourselves, so if anyone out there did we would appreciate any photos.

On time away from Bristol and the challenge of three Devon Banks.

I don't know how we did against other engines of comparable class, or loads, but we received many plaudits on arrival at Plymouth.

Andy Taylor was the driver on both outward and return turns,when both Craig and David provided him with all the steam he required.

After our return to Bristol the passengers clapped and cheered as we left the train to return to Bristol Barton Hill depot.

A triumph for both engine and crews involved, which I am sure will be mentioned in the various railway publications.

A problem with the lubrication caused a lot of work to repair on our return, and it was very late or early in the morning before the support crew crawled into their sleeping bags.

Sunday and the return to Southall, the run without any problems. Here the engine was coaled, disposed and then some old repairs done before wearily leaving for home in the early evening torrential rain all the way up the motorway.

Sorry this report is not comprehensive as normal due to lack of time.

My thanks to all support crews especially the ones on this trip, Well Done.

Dave Thompson


By Info | Monday, July 27, 2009 | Tags : 70013

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