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This weekend was mostly about paint:-

More on the Class 33, less on the coach and a similar amount, (but different) on a gas box, oh! and extra on the Five’s Frames and cladding.

Starting with the Class 33, what started as a quick “lets tidy up the existing paint job” has almost inevitably become a full repaint into a new and exciting colour for the GCR - rail blue. We had the blue in stock and the undercoat was donated, as were the sanding pads, so it seemed to make sense to do a full coat of paint while we had the loco in the shed and the painting team were not busy elsewhere. 

Note, there will still be more bodywork to do, but at least the loco will look good while she waits for the full treatment.  While the 33 is in the shed, other members of the team have been acquiring wood for the cab floors and the shed is unusually full of sawdust – not a normal sight for a steam shed, we are more used to ash and rust dust. The cab doors are fibreglass, so that’s a specialist job, luckily we know a man who knows a thing or two about epoxy so he’s been cajoled into helping restore them.

Coach roofs are big, no make that huge. Or so I’m reliably informed by someone who knows every inch of the support coach roof. But I’m pleased to report that our coach roof now has no paint on it. Big thanks for that Hugh, it was a mammoth effort out in the hot sun, up a ladder. Thank You.

We are in the process of cleaning up the gas box for the support coach. This is a vital piece of kit, because without gas in the coach there would be no tea on the move. There’s not a lot to say about cleaning it up – scrape/ cup brush / needle gun off the old paint, put on some more. (Took quite a long time though!)

Another job still in progress on the coach is sorting out the bogies.  Again we are lucky to have a man who's done this before.

The Five’s boiler is still away at Tyseley, still making progress, but isn’t finished yet. The Five’s frames and boiler cladding are still being cleaned and painted where necessary.

We have a small team of people who come regularly and spend whole days under the frames quietly working away without really drawing much attention. The area around the firebox has been quite extensively scraped back and re-painted, it’s now starting to look quite smart, although once the boiler is back in the frames no one will see those bits for a long time, but the paint will protect the frames from rust whether we can see it or not, which just goes to show that insides are as important as outsides.

Lamiel was working again this weekend, drawing the crowds and entertaining a set of “Drive a Locomotive Experience” customers.

Ps Oliver Cromwell is still away at York, but is expected back soon.


By Info | Monday, June 9, 2008 | Tags : D6535

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