When not performing on main line railtours, 45305 is based at the Great Central Railway in Loughborough.

Owned by: The Draper Family

Designer Sir William Stanier
Wheels 6ft Driving Wheels
Overall Length 63ft 7 ¾"
Weight 124 tons 5 cwt Engine & Tender in working order
Boiler Pressure 225 Lbs/sq"
Grate Area 28.65 ft2
Flue and Tube Area 159 smoke tubes each 17/8" diameter
Superheater 24 Elements, 1 ¼" diameter, 24 Flues 51/8" diameter
Tractive Effort 25,455 (lbf)
Tender Capacity 9 tons coal; 4,000 gals water
Valve Gear Outside Walschaerts
Cylinder Bore/Stroke Two, Outside Bore/Stroke 18 ½ / 28


Carnforth, Birkenhead, Liverpool (Edge Hill), Chester, Holyhead, Willesden, Crewe Nth, Crewe South, Wigan (Springs Branch), Workington, Lostock Hall (Preston)


In all, 842 LMS Class Fives were built from 1934 to 1951. They were popular with traffic department staff,  crews and enthusiasts, since they were capable of working almost any train over 70% of the LMS network.


Albert Draper & Sons Ltd, Maintained and operated by the 5305 Locomotive Association


Armstrong Whitworth of Newcastle-on-Tyne in 1936 - Works No 1360.
Part of a Batch of 326 – the largest batch ever built by a British Company.

Entered Service



5305 Survived in service until the end of steam in August 1968, and was withdrawn from Lostock Hall. 

Upon withdrawal she was bought for scrap by Mr A E Draper of Albert Drapers & Sons Ltd. 5305 was saved because Mr Draper decided to restore her as a memorial to the age of steam. 

Restoration From Withdrawal

Restoration included replacing all 159 small tubes, wasted metal on engine & tender, and the pipework. Renewing connecting rods, remetalling big ends, and overhaul of the pistons & valves, and all boiler mountings & fittings

First Steaming in Preservation

Following many thousands of hours of work, the first steam test in preservation took place on June 12th 1976, at Hull Dairycoates depot. 
The engine was painted in the 1937 LMS livery.


In 1984, 5305 was named ‘Alderman A E Draper’ by Mr Bill Tong, the then Mayor of Hedon.  Mr A E Draper was mayor of Hedon on two occasions, and the Hedon coat of arms is mounted on the name plates.

Main Line and Film Work

In 1986, the owners were approached by British Rail to provide motive power for the West Highlander service from Fort William to Mallaig. 45305 is a popular locomotive for main line steam services.


The first seven-yearly overhaul took place between 1985 and 1987 and 5305 wore the 1940’s livery during this period of work.  5305 was withdrawn again in December 1994 on the expiry of the boiler certificate and returned to steam in Autumn 2003 in BR Lined Black and numbered as 45305